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Seminario Magnets as enablers for renewable energy and resource efficiency

Prof. Dr.Oliver Gutfleisch

14/12/17 15:00 14/12/17 16:30 PDF icon 20171214.pdf
Seminario Metastable perovskite phases - multiferroics in the BiFeO3 - BiScO3 - LaFeO3 - LaScO3 system

A. Salak

16/10/17 15:30 16/10/17 16:30 PDF icon Abstract
Seminario Investigation of structure and magnetism of magnetic nanoparticles and thin films using neutron and synchrotron (soft and hard) radiation

D. Mishra

05/10/17 11:00 05/10/17 12:00 PDF icon Abstract
Seminario Interfacial Processes at H2O/III-V Semiconductor Surfaces

S. Ptasinska

03/10/17 15:30 03/10/17 16:30 PDF icon Abstract
Seminario Towards Design and Control of Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Materials

J. Karel

25/07/17 11:30 25/07/17 12:30 PDF icon Abstract