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Workshop dell'AdR 'Crescita di Materiali Nanostrutturati e Funzionali'
Aula Congressi c/o IMEM-CNR, Parma


Workshop AdR

Growth of nanostructured and functional materials

Tuesday, 15 November 2022


Draft program

10:30 R. Verucchi: introduction

10:40 Morning session

10:40 L. Seravalli (CVD): MoS2 and 2D TMD

11:00 M. Bosi (MOVPE): Ga2O3 and new apparatus

11:20 L. Savio (PVD): carbon-based nanostructures

11:40 G. Carraro (PVD): tuning graphene reactivity

12:00 F. Casoli (Sputtering): Heusler compounds

12:20-14:30 Lunch break

14:30 Afternoon session

                14:30 R. Mosca (Solvothermal): Perovskites

14:50 M. Nardi/M. Timpel (IJD): MoS2, 2D TMD

15:10 E. Del Canale (Milling): CIGS powders and paints

15:30 M. Smerieri (Electric spinning): first results

15:50 L. Aversa (Functionalization by SuMBD): C60 on silk

16:10 Final remarks and discussion