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Workshop dell'AdR 'Crescita di Materiali Nanostrutturati e Funzionali'
Sala Conferenze c/o IMEM-CNR, Parma
Allegati: Program

Workshop AdR

Growth of nanostructured and functional materials

Tuesday, 15 November 2022



10:30 R. Verucchi: Introduction

10:40 Activities:

10:40 L. Seravalli: “CVD Growth of 2-dimensional MoS2

10:55 M. Bosi: “Epitaxy of Ga2O3

                11:10 R. Mosca: “Single Source Thermal Ablation of Metal Halide Perovskites”

11:25 L. Savio: “Low dimensional C-based nanostructures at Ag(110)”

11:40 G. Carraro: “Graphene on Ni(111): under cover reactions”

11:55 F. Casoli: “Thin films of magnetic Heusler compounds”

12:10 R. Verucchi: “Synthesis of 2D materials by Ionized Jet Deposition”

12:25 E. Del Canale: “Non-conventional solid state growth techniques with focus on RT mechanosynthesis (MS)”

12:40 L. Aversa: “Functionalization of spider silk by C60 supersonic molecular beams”

12:55 Final remarks and discussion