Nanosistemi ibridi multifunzionali innovativi per applicazioni biomediche
Progetto finanziato da Fondazione Cariparma
  completed project [2012-2016]
Project Leader: Salviati, Giancarlo (

The project concerns the development of functionalized innovative hybrid nanosystems for the selective treatment of cancer cells in deep solid tumors. In defining new methodologies for anticancer treatment, one of the most interesting scientific topics is the study of the mechanisms of penetration into solid tumors of specific drugs, new methods for their controlled release and selective treatment of diseased cells. The approach developed by the team of researchers involved in the BioNimed project is based on the combined induction of oxidative stress and hyperthermia of cancer cells, through targeted delivery of the nanosystems and application of X-Rays and alternating magnetic fields. The different functionalities proposed are implemented by a single nano system, properly engineered and tested in-vitro, suitable for photodynamic therapy induced by X radiation and magnetic hyperthermia.

Project partners

  • IMEM-CNR (F. Albertini, G. Attolini, M. Bosi, M. Campanini, V. Chiesi, F. Rossi, G. Salviati)
  • Chemistry department  - Parma University (E. Bedogni, F. Bigi)
  • Physics department  - Parma University (L. Cristofolini, T. Rimoldi)
  • Medicine and Surgery department - Experimental Oncology section - Parma University (R. Alfieri, M. Galetti, P.G. Petronini)
  • Centre of Excellence for Toxicology - Parma University (R. Alinovi, M. Goldoni, A. Mutti, S. Pinelli)
  • Animal Science department - Parma University (A. Cacchioli, F. Ravanetti)
  • Parma Hospital (G. Benecchi, C. Ghetti)

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hybrid nanosystems for XR-PDT in vitro XR-PDT tests