SYnthesis and functionality of chalcogenide NAnostructures for PhaSE change memories
European project FP7 - Grant agreement ID: 310339
  completed project [2012-2015]
Project Leader: Longo, Massimo - IMM-CNR Agrate
Head of IMEM activities: Lazzarini, Laura (

The SYNAPSE project aimed at the metalorganic chemical vapor phase deposition (MOCVD) and study of chalcogenide single material, (core) and double material (core-shell) nanowires (NWs), for innovative multi-level phase change memories (PCM) based on  (In)Ge-Sb-Te alloys. At the same time, a great attention is currently devoted to the chance to downscale PCM cells by employing chalcogenide NWs. Different material combinations (Ge-Sb-Te/In-Sb-Te/In-GeTe) had to be explored in the realization of the CS-NWs, in order to expand the memory level operational features of the obtainable PCM devices. Moreover, NWs of different chalcogenide alloys, including Ge-based and In-based telluride, were explored for their application to PCM devices both as single nanocells and in ordered arrays, this representing an important contribution to the achievement of downsized and low-power consumption non-volatile memory cells. A detailed study of the NW phase switching behavior (reversible amorphous-crystalline transitions) was carried out and correlated, as well as  the investigation of electrical and thermal properties of the NWs, their phase formation/crystallization dynamics, size-dependent effects and structural/chemical composition. Experimental work is supported by theoretical modeling and simulation of both crystallization dynamics and electro-thermal behavior.

Project partners

  • CNR Italia: IMM Agrate (Coordinatore M.Longo),  IMEM Parma (L Lazzarini, L Nasi, V Grillo)
  • University of Milano Bicocca (Milano, Italy)
  • Micron Semiconductors Italia S.r.l.
  • Air Liquide (Francia)
  • Institut de Mécanique et d'Ingénierie de Bordeaux Department TREFLE (Francia)
  • FZJ - Peter Grünberg Institute, Division Semiconductor Nanoelectronics (Julich, Germania)
  • Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland)

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