2D materials for the future: fundamental properties control at the atomic scale  
2D materials for the future: fundamental properties control at the atomic scale
USARMY, Grant ID: W911NF-12-R-0012
  completed project [2014-2017]
Project Leader: Salviati, Giancarlo (giancarlo.salviati@cnr.it)

The project was devoted to the study and control of the not yet understood influence of point and extended defects on optical and transport properties of 2-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), namely MoS2, MoTe2 and WS2. The goal was achieved by comparing the structural, optical and transport properties of large area samples grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)-based techniques with those found on commercially available TMDCs flakes obtained by exfoliation. The unique possibility to induce crystal defects by electron beam irradiation and concurrently probe in situ the optical response by Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy and imaging has been used to assess the correlation between crystal defects and optical (e.g. dynamic of spatial localization of excited carriers) and transport properties of devices. In addition, scanning capacitance microscopy inside an AFM has been tried to study the TMDCs capacitance at the nanoscale as well as the 2D mapping of dopants.


Project partners:

  • CNR Italia: IMEM Parma (G Salviati, L Lazzarini, E Rotunno, F Fabbri), IMM Agrate (M.Longo, A Molle)
  • U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal, USA (V Swaminathan, D Kaplan)


Related publications:

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