Carbon nanostructures doped with metal atoms for sensors and green catalysis
Fondazione Compagnia di S. Paolo – Local research projects, Genova 2019
  completed project [2020-2022]
Project Leader: Letizia Savio (

The MC-nano project aims to:

  • identify a protocol for the synthesis, assisted from metal surfaces, of carbon-based nanostructures containing transition metal atoms, starting from halogenated organometallic precursors;
  • test the stability and reactivity of these nanostructures to adsorption of simple sensor / catalytic molecules in increasingly realistic conditions (controlled atmosphere, air, solution).   

The aim of the project is the identification and characterization of low cost and low environmental impact nanomaterials with chemical properties optimized for applications in the field of sensors and nanocatalysis. 

Research units

  • National Research Council, Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism (CNR-IMEM, Genova)
  • University of Genova, Physics Dept. 

Role of IMEM-CNR unit

IMEM-CNR coordinates the project and leads the team in the definition of synthesis protocols and in the morphological characterization of the samples by scanning probe microscopies.


project activities