Sviluppo e realizzazione di sistema per rilascio altamente controllato di farmaci per trattamento in situ di ferite da taglio post-operativo basato su micro-camere polimeriche conduttive
Progetto sostenuto dalla società THERAS e selezionato su Bando POR-FSR regione Emilia Romagna
  completed project [2016-2021]
Project Leader: Salvatore Iannotta


The aim of the project is to design and implement an innovative device for the programmed and controllable release of pain treatment drugs, to be used on post-operative surgical cutting wounds. The features of the new device are very innovative. Based on electrically controllable organic materials and deposited on flexible substrate, it will consist of a checkerboard system of polymer micro-chambers, consisting of polyelectrolytic polymers made with processes developed by IMEM-CNR, within which appropriate doses of the drug can be encapsulated. Currently, anti-pain medications are administered on post-operative cutting wounds via a special catheter equipped with microholes in the end, placed in the wound at the subfascial, and fed by an external pump and electronics.

The proposed innovation, eliminates all the required external infusion system (devices that condition the patient in movements), uses a less invasive wound attack substrate. The system will allow the patient to self-administer the drug when he feels pain. The already preloaded system does not require any programming (reducing the preparation time of the product) and canceling the risks of incorrect preparation of the drug.

Encapsulation of the amount of drug in flexible, ultra-thin and biocompatible material slots allows the release of the drug to be managed in a highly controlled manner in the wound. The slot can then be removed easily. Overall, the final product increases control over the release mechanism both locally (space) and doses (timely), greatly simplifying the surgeon's work and decreasing patient interventions.