Laboratorio di Ricerca congiunto IMEM – CAMLIN Group
Finanziamento CAMLIN su progetto selezionato da Regione Emilia Romagna
  completed project [2016-2021]
Project Leader: Salvatore Iannotta e Luca Ascari (Camlin Group)

Current methods of monitoring biological signals (ECG,EMG,EEG,etc.) involve the use of invasive devices, in some cases difficult to use and place, which require the presence of experienced staff and therefore oblige the patient to continue visits to the hospital.

Medical devices, currently on the market, for monitoring biological signals are mainly disposable metal electrodes that do not present a signal amplification but a ratio 1 to 1 that in many cases is insufficient for a timely diagnosis of heart malfunctions or development of neurological diseases, and difficult to use in everyday life.

Starting from these critical points, the "THERSEO" project, thanks to the international collaboration with Camlin Group (Ireland), aims at developing and manufacturing wearable devices for monitoring of biological signals intrinsically endowed of amplification and are simple to handle and friendly usable in everyday life.

As devices for monitoring these signals, our reference architecture of choice is that of The Electrochemical Organic Transistor (OECT), on which the group has a long international experience and visibility. These devices can work with voltages less than 1 V and have an intrinsic amplification. The goal is to create flexible and elastic devices that can be easily integrated and wearable.

The project relies mainly on the use of additive manufacturing systems that we optimize and further develop based in particular on the innovative printing technique of the Aerosol Jet Printer (AJP), which allows the manufacture of micro/nano devices on innovative substrates that give the final device properties such as flexibility, biocompatibility, adhesion on the skin (without the need for conductive gels) and reusability; fundamental to the development of wearable devices that are fully compatible with everyday life.