Sustainable Photovoltaics to guarantee the right to clean water in Burundi
Otto per mille – Istituto Buddista Italiano – Soka Gakkai
  active project [2022-2024]
Project Leader: Silvia Marchelli (coordinamento@parmaalimenta.org) - ParmaAlimenta
Head of IMEM activities: Edmondo Gilioli (edmondo.gilioli@imem.cnr.it)

The objective of the TETI project is to guarantee the access to solar energy and safe and affordable drinking water to a small community in the Burundian province of Bubanza.
Specifically, the main tasks are:
i) Make accessible to the local community a technology based on renewable energy, suitable for the context and at low cost for the purification of well water (by treatment with UV-C light) in an area without water and from already existing distribution points without bacteriological control.
ii) To increase the skills of a group of young men and women through training activities for the production, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems that power UVC lamps for the management of water purification systems.
iii) Involving a large and diversified number of stakeholders both in Italy and in Burundi in all phases of implementation to promote a shared, sustainable and long-term development model.