IEMAP - Mission Innovation   
Mission Innovation - Italy
finanziato dall’Unione europea – Next Generation EU
  active project [2022-2025]
Project Leader: Stefano Rampino
Head of IMEM activities: Stefano Rampino (

The project is part of the Mission Innovation initiative and specifically refers to the Challenge IC#8 "Renewable and Clean Hydrogen". Through an international collaboration and coordination effort, the Challenge aims to contribute to the development of a global hydrogen market by actively involving public and private stakeholders operating in the hydrogen value chain, to overcome technological, regulatory and regulatory barriers.

 The challenge and objective of the project proposal are to demonstrate the technological feasibility of the various technological and system solutions developed in integrated and operational environments (TRL 5 to 8). Specifically, the different technologies for the production of hydrogen from Renewable Energy Sources (RES), transport and distribution in mixture with natural gas (GN), or in pure form, in pipelines, up to the use of hydrogen in the various application sectors, relating to energy, industry, sustainable mobility and transformation processes into synthesis products (gas/liquids) will be studied, implemented and demonstrated.

 IMEM is working within the Mission Innovation project - WP4: Photovoltaic Materials. IMEM's activity is focused on the top-down design of two- and three-terminal integrated photovoltaic-electrochemical storage devices.