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Maison Parma: Mission in Burundi and IMEM's Ubuntu-PV project
Sala Rappresentanza del Municipio di Parma
Speaker/Lecturer: Edmondo Gilioli
Organization: Associazione Parmaalimenta, Comune di Parma, IMEM-CNR

The video of the mission to Bujumbura in Burundi and a presentation video for the international cooperation project “Maison Parma” (promoted by Parmaalimenta and participated by IMEM with theUbuntu-PV Project) were showed at Representative Room of the Town Hall.

The mission of Parma's Mayor, which was also attended by Edmondo Gilioli, researcher at IMEM responsible for the Ubuntu-PV Project, consolidated the good relationships between Burundi authorities, European Union delegation, and the international organizations that tra le autorità burundesi, la delegazione dell’Unione Europea e le organizzazioni internazionali that work to support the development of the territory.

Edmondo Gilioli, in particular, described UBUNTU-PV Project, promoted by  IMEM, ParmaAlimenta, and the Agro-Pastoral Center of Kirundo, to bring solar power in some rural areas in Burundi thanks to the production and installation of small photovoltaic systems with very low cost. The development of small solar panels and a small photovoltaic power grid can provide a small amount of eletrical power for everybody, while the training for building, installing and maintaining a growing number of solar panels will make the citizens of these poulated disticts with no electricity autonomous.

ParmaAlimenta is an association of different Institutions that was born in 2004 for the promotion of the socio-economical and sustainable development, thanks to decentralized cooperation projects aimed to the eradication of hunger and absolute poverty of poulation in the southern part of the world, as for example Burundi. Parma Municipality, Parma Province, Collechio Municipality CNA Parma, Consorzio di solidarietà sociale, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di Parma, Mwassi Association, and Boorea cooperative society are part of ParmaAlimenta.

Maison Parma project started in 2006 with the realization of a Service Center for the farmers from the northern area of Bujumbura. This Center has the aim to transmit skills in the production, processing, preservation and sale of food, by means of a mutual dialogue with similar skills gained in Parma.

Maison Parma Center has offices, a shop, a kitchen, a renewable energies laboratory, an hangar for the storage and husking of rice as well as for manioc processing, a second hangar for goods storage, a freezer room for the storage and processing of vegetables, and a space devote to farmers training. A Center for Nutrition Education is also present and each year more than 1000 children suffering from malnutrition are hosted.