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How solar energy could power Italy without using more land
Seminar | -
New capabilities in the FBK Sensors and Devices research centre
Speaker/Lecturer: Prof. Gianluigi Casse - Direttore del Centro Materiali e Microsistemi (FBK-CMM)
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Stochastic sampling effects favor manual over digital contact tracing
Press conference |
Carbon Neutrality Parma Territorial Alliance agreement
Article/Publication |
Doubled mortality rate during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy: quantifying what is not captured by surveillance
Video |
La "Notte dei Ricercatori" di IMEM: Parma 25 settembre 2020
Università di Parma - IMEM-CNR
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Light-driven, heterogeneous organocatalysts for C–C bond formation toward valuable perfluoroalkylated intermediates
Seminar | -
Studies of nanostructured III-V and hybrid solar cells
IMEM - Sala A
Organization: Rampino Stefano
Speaker/Lecturer: Dr. Roberto Jakomin - Campus Duque de Caxias, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Event | -
"Researchers Night" at IMEM: Parma September 25th 2020
Pad. D – Campus Scienze e Tecnologie (Parco Area delle Scienze)
Organization: UNIPR, IMEM-CNR, Comune di Parma
Webinar | -
Chalcopyrite PV on its path to Shockley-Queisser parity
Speaker/Lecturer: Diego Colombara - Università degli Studi di Genova