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Workshop "Organic Electro Chemical Transistor"
Aula B, Dipartimento di Chimica - Università di Parma
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10.30 Electrochemical transistors for proteins detection (Tullio Toccoli)
10.50 A compendium of OECTs’ working features: towards optimized and dedicated device architectures (Pasquale D’angelo)
11.10 OECT towards neuromorphic systems (Silvia Battistoni)
11.30 Pausa
11.45 OECT in medicine and bioelectronics (Salvatore Iannotta)
12.05 Technologies for OECTs @IMEM - Polito (Simone Marasso)
12.25 Textile and surface enhanced OECT for health monitoring and biomedical applications(Nicola Coppedè)
12.45 OECT applied to plant science (Andrea Zappettini)
13.00 Pausa pranzo
14.00 Discussione su possibili sinergie
15.00 Discussione su possibile progettualità condivisa
16.00 Fine dei lavori