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Photovoltaics is the future of Parma: 14 km² of solar panels on the roofs would be enough (by M. Mazzer)

Photovoltaics can be Parma's future: 14 km2 of solar panels on the roofs would be enough

Greta Magazzini interviewed Massimo Mazzer -

In recent years, attention to the climate emergency has increased dramatically, as well as the objectives that we must necessarily reach in order to get the situation back under control. As you can imagine, the topic is vast and the ecological theme can be studied from different angles. The alternative to fossil emissions is one of these. Fossil energy sources are in fact one of the main causes of global warming: the exploitation of green and renewable energy would therefore decrease the CO2 dispersion into the environment and would make a fundamental contribution to the fight against climate crisis. In particular, there is a date hanging like a sword of Damocles over our destiny: 2030, the year circled in red on the calendar. In fact, in less than a decade we should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, increase renewable energy by more than 30% and drastically improve energy efficiency.

Government interventions and, above all, a takeover by global policies are needed to carry out the required actions. However, it is also important to act at local level, accordingly to the possibilities that are provided by a specific territory. We discussed with Massimo Mazzer, Research Director of the CNR and expert in renewable energy, about the situation in Parma and the applicability of these green alternatives on our city. Observing Parma, its territory and its climate, he deduced that the main source of renewable energy that we can use is solar energy and, hence, of photovoltaic thecnology. Massimo Mazzer went into the details of this renewable source, shedding light on the ambitious goals that Parma has in mind to become one of the most ecological cities in Italy.

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