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European Researchers’ Night 2021 - Parma
MEM-CNR di Parma, Pad. D – Campus Scienze e Tecnologie – 43124 Parma
Speaker/Lecturer: Ricercatori IMEM
Organization: Università degli Studi di Parma, Comune di Parma e IMEM-CNR
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European Researchers’ Night - Project LEAF, the research for healing our Planet's futureThis y

This year's event is part of the European Researchers’ Night - Project LEAF (acronym for "heaL thE plAnet’s Future", which is coordinated in Italy by c Frascati Scienza.

This is the program of all events at IMEM-CNR:

New challenges for New Materials

16:00 – 20:00 (1 hour shifts), activities can be booked individually

Renewable energies for the future of the planet
We will illustrate the operation of simple devices powered by electricity from renewable sources, to demonstrate how it is possible to reduce the use of polluting fossil fuels in daily life, so that we can counteract the serious effects induced by climate change. Activity carried out in collaboration with the Parmaalimenta association.
Storing and using clean energy thanks to magnetic materials
Magnetic materials play a key role in the transformation of energy from renewable sources and in its storage: we will show this with easy-to-understand experiments and demonstration devices.
Superconductivity and the environment: how do you get a special property of matter in a planet that is too hot and with a mild atmosphere like Earth?
Fun games to understand the main properties of a superconducting material. Why are there no natural Superconductor materials on our planet? How can superconducting materials be used to reduce the impact of  transport system and power grids on the environment?
Smart sensors for water saving, health and well-being
Real-time monitoring of physiological parameters in the human body can give strong support to the development of adequate therapies, in terms of personalized medicine. Furthermore, climate change imposes the need to obtain more food while saving the planet's water resources. Both objectives can benefit greatly from the implementation of smart sensors, whose principle and operation will be illustrated through the exhibition of some demonstrators.

The World of Elementary Particles: "Microcosmo con vista" Museum

University Museum System and Historical Archive of the University of Parma

16:00 – 20 (1 hour shifts)



(individual activities booking: from Friday September 10th at 12:00 to Wednesday 22nd September at 24:00)