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RAISE. The Innovation Village
Corso Ferdinando Maria Perrone 24 - 16152 Genova
Organization: Associazione Festival della Scienza

RAISE. The Innovation Village

The National Research Council is partner of RAISE (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence for socio-economic empowerment), a project financed by the MUR as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which involves the creation of an innovation ecosystem for the development of new technological solutions based on robotics and artificial intelligence.

On the occasion of the XXI edition of the Science Festival (Genoa, 26 October – 5 November, keyword: “Impronte”), RAISE presents itself to the city of Genoa with “RAISE. The innovation Village", a space dedicated to Porta Siberia, in the Porto Antico area, where it will be possible to learn, through interactive activities, meetings and demonstrations, about the progress and challenges of the project, which aims to encourage research and development of innovative technologies in various areas of interest such as healthcare, environmental sustainability, smart ports and accessible and inclusive smart cities, responding to the productive and social needs of the Ligurian territory.

This initiative is part of the calendar of events through which the National Research Council celebrates in Genoa the Centenary of the Institution .

IMEM-CNR researchers will take an active part in some "demo" and "talk" events indicated in the calendar available on the web page