Growing Rwanda Energy Awareness Through highER education
Erasmus+ Programme - Capacity building in the field of higher education (ERASMUS-EDU- 2022-CBHE)
  active project [2022-2025]
Project Leader: Paolo Ciampolini ( - Università degli Studi di Parma
Head of IMEM activities: Edmondo Gilioli (

GREATER action will focus at supporting effective diffusion of renewable energy and green practices in Rwanda, accounting for technical skills as well as for management and planning. According to the Rwandan development scenario, emphasis will be given to the development of small-size power stations, mostly based on photovoltaic sources. Such contents will be key to the development of new curricula in the fields of smart, sustainable energy. The project aims to fight the energy poverty and the inequality in access to electricity that still characterizes many African countries. The main activity of GREATER will be the design of new or renewed curricula in the field of smart and green energy, with the introduction of solid digital foundations. Four "Living Labs" will be created accessible to local communities that will allow the population to get in touch and familiarize themselves with the technologies. The "Living Labs" will be remotely controlled by wifi connection, and will allow male and female students to experiment in a realistic environment.
The project has the support of the Rwandan Ministry of Education and local companies active in the energy development market.