Tailoring magneto-electric and magneto-elastic couplings in artificial heterostructures for multifunctional devices and reconfigurable sensors
PRIN: Research Projects of Relevant National Interest – 2022 Call
  active project [2023-2025]
Project Leader: Giuseppe Maruccio ( - Università del Salento
Head of IMEM activities: Francesca Casoli (

MoRe-SPIN aims at developing multifunctional hybrid devices and reconfigurable sensors, by operating at the frontiers of magnetism and material science, to set the configuration of ferroic (ferromagnetic/ferroelectric/ferroelastic) domains and to trace the route for the realization of sensors with reconfigurable responses and minimal power consumption. 

Based on the solid partners’ background on spin physics of materials and in the sensor field, the research will deal with hybrid architectures where a tuning of the interaction between the (ferroic) building blocks by piezoelectric/magnetoelastic/magnetoelectric coupling will be achieved through a rational design of their composition, structure and stacking. 

The project will achieve fundamental understanding of magnetism in hybrid/artificial heterostructures, including the role of magnetoelectric (ME) and magnetoelastic (MEL) couplings and their manipulation,

opening new avenues towards multifunctional hybrid devices and reconfigurable sensors with applications in spintronics and sensors, impact from biomedical diagnostics to food and environmental monitoring and further perspectives of use for energy harvesting.

The developed know-how will allow to promote an evolution of surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology towards multifunctional hybrid devices using MF and MST films and ultimately to develop innovative reconfigurable sensors

This project is financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU - PRIN2022