Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials
Contact person: Albertini Franca

Magnetic materials are widely used in several applicative sectors related to energy conversion, electric power generation and transportation, micro/nanoelectronics, information technology, and biomedicine and play a crucial role in  many technologies aimed at energy saving and CO2 emission reduction. Besides showing hard and soft magnetic properties, some classes of magnetic materials are intrinsically multifunctional: they change their functional properties (e.g. magnetic, electrical, optical, thermal) under external fields (e.g. magnetic, electrical, mechanical) and can respond to the application of multiple fields giving rise to a  vast and challenging phenomenology.



The MATFUN research activity is dedicated to materials with new magnetic and multifunctional properties. We design, prepare and study magnetic and multiferroic materials, both bulk and nanostructured, with promising properties for energy, memories, sensors and biomedicine. New measurement techniques and unconventional preparation methods are also developed. 

The materials of interest include ferromagnetic shape memory materials, magnetocaloric materials, multiferroics, permanent magnets, thin films and magnetic nanoparticles.