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STMicroelectronics's school at IMEM: "The Semiconductor Journey"
IMEM - Sala Convegni
Organization: Francesca Casoli
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How a microelectronics product come to life? How do you go from the staring project to the final chip and which are the limits and barriers for its realization? Which steps are necessary to produce such a small object, capable of performing the task it was designed for?

The answers to these questions were given by STMicroelectronics, worldwide leader company in the semiconductor field, to the PhD students that participated at the school in Parma, from May 20th to 24th 2019. The school was organized in collaboration with Parma University and IMEM-CNR and was entitled “The Semiconductor Journey: from a simple idea to a complex manufacturing”.

This was the third edition of this school (after Pisa and Bologna) and was held in 5 days. The whole "travel" the semiconductor product makes from the original technical idea up to its production, going through the testing and reliability controls and the marketing activities with customers.

A selected group of researchers, mempers of the Technical Staff of STMicroelectronics and Dr. Francesca Casoli from IMEM-CNR, starting from their different experiences, explained the whole develoment paths of three different applications: MEMS movement sensors, magnetic sensors and ultrasound sensors.