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Perovskite Photovoltaic

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Perovskite PVs is the fastest-advancing solar technology to date owing to the high power conversion efficiencies achieved in single-junction architecture. Besides, the high efficiency recently reported for tandem solar cells confirms that perovskite-silicon partnership holds the potential of increasing efficiency above 30% at low additional costs over standard silicon cells.

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IMEM has gone working on the preparation of perovskite-derived hybrids since early 2000s and in 2013 was among the first to investigate organolead halide perovskites for PVs.

We complement solution synthesis with vacuum deposition by Single Source Thermal Ablation (SSTA), aiming to improve compatibility with thin-film deposition techniques for the fabrication of top cells in silicon-based tandem solar cells.

One of the main topics has been the preparation and study of mixed I/Br halide perovskites for colorful solar cells.









Currently, CsSnBr3 and CsPbI2Br films are prepared by SSTA, both materials being suitable for top cells in c-Si tandems (PON BEST-4U).

Obtained layers are now well crystallized, compact and pinhole free, with a low surface roughness, good light absorption and the expected bandgap, all features that make films suitable for top cell fabrication.





PON: BEST4U (PNR 2015-2020), Approved

  • Aim: creating tandem solar cells in collaboration with ENEL Green Power
  • Budget (IMEM): 22 k€



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