Growth of Nanostructured and Functional Materials
Contact person: Verucchi Roberto
Thin films and bulk crystals

Thin films of wide bandgap semiconductors are deposited by vapor phase epitaxy:

SiC thin film

cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC)



gallium oxide (Ga2O3)

3C-SiC and Ga2O3 may be used in high power devices and in novel sensors.


We grow magnetic 3D metals and alloys as bulk materials or thin films, designing the single-phase or composite material to obtain the desired magnetic properties or study a specific physical problem. We have been able in several cases to achieve the control of the magnetic and functional properties by in-depth studying, and finally controlling, structure, microstructure and morphology. [...]

PED thumbnail

Many materials can be successfully made with the PED pulsed electron technique; among these we point out:

  • solar radiation absorbers for photovoltaic solar cells: CIGS, CIS, CGS, CuSbSe2, Ge
  • materials for superconducting tapes: CeO2, YBCO
  • insulating oxides: ZnO, ZnMgO, ZnS, ZnOS, Al2O3
  • conductive oxides: ZnO: Al
  • other materials: SiC