Structural and Surface Characterization
Contact person: Rossi Francesca
X-Ray diffraction techniques
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High resolution XRD and reciprocal space maps

Setup and method:

X-PertPro instrument X-PertProScheme

High resolution X-Pert-Pro diffractometer with Goebel monochromator and analyser crystals on both incident and diffracted beams, able to reduce the chromatic dispersion to 10-4 and the angular resolution to 12 arcsec.


mappa di reticolo reciproco

Reciprocal space map of a SiGe/Ge superlattice (SR) grown on a composition graded SiGe buffer layer on Silicon substrate.

Polar maps and texture measurement of thin films and alloys

Setup and method:

setup figure polari Texture Scheme
Measurement of the"texture", polar maps of thin films and materials Scheme of the measurement


esempio di figure polari

Polar maps of a Ga2O3 thin film grown on sapphire, showing the rotation of the two lattices.

Double crystal X-Ray topography

Setup and method:

setup topografia



X-Ray topographies of a SiC wafer, in 11-28 diffraction, showing dislocations (left) and a low-angle grain boundary (right). The horizontal side of the image corresponds to 3.3 mm.

XRD on thin films

Setup and method:

ThinFilm ThinFilmScheme

XRD setup with Goebel monochromator for measurements on thin films



XRD profiles of Ga2O3 thin films grown on sapphire substrates, acquired on an angular range 10° - 150°.