Main Projects (COMPLETED)
Here you can find a list of the main projects that are actually COMPLETED.
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Bioristor Dubai2020  
Bioristor: an in-vivo sensor for well-being of plants and optimization of water resources
Regione Emilia-Romagna
  completed project [2021-2022]
Drone with haptic drive technology for the localization and identification of radioactive sources in the environment
Programma "AMICO" CNR - POC-MISE 2020
  completed project [2021-2022]
Carbon Based Nano-Hybrid Systems for Multi-Redox Electrocatalysis
PRIN 2017 - Sector PE5
  completed project [2019-2022]
Effective Coating for Next Generation Solar Cells
ESA project AO/1-8911/17/NL/CLP
  completed project [2018-2019]
Magnetic refrigeration: a new eco-friendly cooling technology
Regionale POR-FESR
  completed project [2016-2018]
2D materials for the future: fundamental properties control at the atomic scale  
2D materials for the future: fundamental properties control at the atomic scale
USARMY, Grant ID: W911NF-12-R-0012
  completed project [2014-2017]
Haptic teleoperation of UAV equipped with gamma-ray spectrometer for detection and identification of radio-active materials in industrial plants
CNR Progetto Bandiera "La Fabbrica del Futuro", Piattaforma Manifatturiera Nazionale
  completed project [2014-2017]
Developing and Studying novel intelligent nanoMaterials and Devices towards Adaptive Electronics and Neuroscience Applications
Bando Grandi Progetti 2012-Provincia Autonoma di Trento -PAT
  completed project [2013-2017]
Physarum Chip: Growing Computers from Slime M
European Community FP7 ICT-2011 – Grant agreement no.: 316366
  completed project [2014-2016]
Nanosistemi ibridi multifunzionali innovativi per applicazioni biomediche
Progetto finanziato da Fondazione Cariparma
  completed project [2012-2016]
SYnthesis and functionality of chalcogenide NAnostructures for PhaSE change memories
European project FP7 - Grant agreement ID: 310339
  completed project [2012-2015]
Semiconductor nanowires: from fundamental physics to device applications
European Project FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN - Marie-Curie Action: "Initial Training Networks"
  completed project [2010-2014]
Bilat CNR-CNRST Italy -Morocco  
Realizzazione di celle solari a film sottile a base di Calcopiriti e Kesteriti a basso costo: CIGS (Cu(In,Ga)Se2) e CZTS (Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4)
Accordo bilaterale Italia - Marocco
  completed project [2019-]
Food production and education in Burundi  
Produzione integrata ed educazione alimentare in Burundi. Tracciabilità di filiera, produzione agricola integrata ed educazione ad una buona alimentazione per la popolazione delle periferie di Bujumbura Burundi.
Bando regionale Emilia Romagna
  completed project [2016-]